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Welcome to our site.

Human Resources strives to give the best possible service to our customers as well as our Moody Gardens' Employees.  This website has been designed to give general information pertaining to the company operations and employee benefits and well-being.



Save the Date Notice!!!!  

2015 upcoming events for Moody Gardens Employees 


Employee Breakfast 

Garden Restaurant - June 5th & 19th, July 17th , Aug 14th 

8:30-9:30 AM


 Palm Beach Employee Party

Fri. Sep 11th  


MGR Training- Harassment/Conflict of Interest


Fri. oct 30th ~ 9am

United Way Brkfst


Fri. Oct.23h ~ 8-9:30 am


Flu Immunization

Nov 6th 10am - 12

Holiday Gift Cards

Attached to Pay Checks

Fri. Nov 6th 


Employee Skate Party

Sun. Nov 15 ~ 5–7 pm

Blood Drives

Wed Feb. 4th

Wed June. 3rd

Wed Sep. 2nd

Wed Dec 2nd 


Employee Holiday Party

FOL / Visitors Center

Wed Dec. 9 ~ 5–7 pm

Managers Holiday Party

Thursday. Jan 14th 


Employee Discount Form (Link)



Each page in this website is designed to give specific type of information.  Page contents are:

Bulletin Board - Employee Events, Special Rate Tickets, Enrollments, etc.

Employee Spotlight - Featuring our Employees!!!

Employee Hard At Work - Allows us to showcase our hard working employees.

Health & Safety - Healthy Lifestyle, Resource Topics and Tips for Personal Safety

Severe Weather - Current Weather, Hurricane Preparation and Aftermath Information, Company Message Board for Severe Weather Procedures

Contact Us - Names & E-mails for HR, Link to Employment Listing and Employee Newsletter 

Logo is Link to Company Website

Moody Gardens is a public, non-profit educational destination utilizing nature in the advancement of rehabilitation, conservation, recreation and research.