Question #1: May I purchase additional Uniform shirts?

 Answer:  No, Uniform shirts are company property and are not for purchase.

 Question #2: May I keep my Uniforms when the season is over?

 Answer:  No, all uniforms must be returned to the company.  This includes ID badge.

                    Uniforms are not to  be worn out side of work.


Question #1: Where can I purchase the safety shoes?

 Answer: The Human Offices Uniform Room keeps a stock of pre-approved safety shoes for F00d & Beverage                         employees to purchase.  Employees can make a one-time payment or can opt to do a payroll                     deduction over two pay periods.  The cost is $36.00/pair.

Question #2: What if I leave my shoes at home, can I get another pair?

Answer: You are welcome to purchase another pair if you leave your shoes at home.

Question #3: Do I have to wear these shoes or can I wear other safety shoes?

Answer: You must wear the safety shoes purchased from Human Resources since they have been pre-approved                 for our work site.


Question #1: What are the Holidays that are covered under the leave policy?

 Answer: We are open for business 365 days a year. Our facility operates on all holidays and employees                 may be expected to work on any of these days. You will receive normal compensation for all                                        hours worked.

Question #2: What if I need to take off for something?

Answer: Discuss with your manager before the weekly schedule is made if you are requesting time off .


Question #1: What if I don't have a bank account for direct deposit?

 Answer: You will need some sort of account to deposit your check to. There are options available such                 as  savings accounts and payroll cards.

Question #2: When will I get paid?

Answer: Hourly personnel receive their checks Bi-Weekly on Friday. (see payroll calendar below)

Payroll Questions?

For Questions about Payroll please see the Employee Handbook on the Resources & Forms page.

When is my final payday

If you are no longer working, your Direct Deposit will be stopped and you will need to pick up your final check at Payroll. You must turn in all company property to receive your final check.

Full time -Part time - Temporary

Your employment classification is decided by your department manager and the annual budget and available positions. Your status is not defined by the number of hours you may, or may not, work in any given work week.


Your Employee ID/Time card is Company property and must be returned upon employment end. Replacement cards may be paid for in Human Resources or the cash control office and a receipt presented to HR to have one reprinted. It is every employees responsibility to keep up with their ID.


Benefits are available to employees classified as full time, on the first day of the month, after your 60 day introductory period. Full time equivalent  employees will be notified by email  when you have reached that determination.  Benefits information is found on the Benefits page. Contact the Benefits coordinator for details on the options and the coverage available.