Safety Topic of the Month

October & November

November - Extension Cord Safety

With the winter season approaching, remember these important tips when using extension cords, power strips and surge protectors at work:

1. Individual space heaters are not permitted.

2. Extension cords must be of a proper size to carry the electrical load necessary for their intended use.  Check with Maintenance if you have any questions.

3. Extension cords may only be used as a temporary solution and must be removed within a reasonable time frame.

4. Power strips are not permitted at work. If you have a project that requires more outlets than available, contact Maintenance for possible solutions.

Check with your supervisor for more details on using extension cords, power strips and surge protectors.

October - Fire Alarm & Evacuations

In the event of a fire or evacuation at work, remember these tips:

1. If you see fire or smoke, pull the nearest fire alarm.

2. Remain calm and never allow the fire to come between you and the nearest exit.

3. Call Security on the radio and announce a Code 1 - Fire and give your location.  

4. Security will notify the Fire Department.

5. Upon hearing the alarm, evacuate using the nearest exit.  Evacuate in a calm manner, assist guests and other employees that may need help exiting.

6. Employees should assemble at the area pre-designated by their department manager.

7. Any unaccounted for staff or guests should be reported to Security.

8. Keep a safe distance from the building/danger area.  Staff members should reassure guests that the situation is being taken care of

9. Do not return to the building/area until the all clear has been given.

10. Never assume that because an alarm stops sounding the building/area is safe to enter.

Check with your supervisor for more details on fires and evacuations.

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